#KyLChat 3-28-17 Summer Reading

KyLChat logo and summer reading


A huge thank you to  James Allen, Kathy Mansfield, and  the KASL community for their support and for the opportunity to  “chat” with your excellent brain trust! I hope the resources were useful and that you will be more empowered to reach out to your local public library. I believe we all win when we work smarter – not harder!

For more information on how KDLA supports youth and families around the state, visit the following sites:

·State Summer Reading Support: http://kdla.ky.gov/librarians/programs/summerreading/Pages/default.aspx

·Public Library Youth Services Support: http://kdla.ky.gov/librarians/programs/Pages/ChildrenYA.aspx

·School Ready Libraries Support: http://kdla.ky.gov/librarians/programs/Pages/SchoolReady.aspx

·Public Library Directory: http://kdla.ky.gov/librarians/Pages/LibraryDirectory.aspx

Please say hello if you see me out around the state, and if you have questions or ideas for connecting with public libraries, I hope you will reach out. (I also promise to do better at keeping up with the KYLMS listserv and not just lurk!)

My best,


Krista King-Oaks
Youth Services Consultant
Library Development Branch
Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives
KDLA supports School Ready Libraries