#KyLChat 1-27-15 Librarians as Teacher Leaders

Click here for the archive of this chat on librarians as teacher leaders.

Here is a sampling of the questions for you to ponder.  We hope to chat with you tonight. 🙂

Q1 What is a “teacher leader? Can you give a quick definition to help us set the outlook for tonight’s chat.

Q2  How have you seen your role as “librarian”change in the past couple of years?

Q3 As you reflect on what you teach students, what have you added to your lessons that wasn’t there say 2 years ago?

Q4: If you teach digital citizenship, what type of digital citizenship lessons do you teach your students? What resources do you use?

Q5 Do you find yourself maybe not teaching in the media center as much but taking your lessons and expertise to the classrooms?

Q6  How do you curate digital resources and share with your teachers?

Q7  Personally, I feel pressure to always being learning something new, staying abreast of current trends. How do you stay current?

Q8  We, as teacher leaders, need to be visionaries of sorts. Do you have any visions to transform your space and role in the next couple of months or next school year?

Q9  Let’s end on high note. Finish this sentence: Without my role as teacher leader, the students or teachers would miss out on …